On Thursday 28 November, took place the fifteenth edition of the traditional meeting that bytemaster organizes with its customers _b first. The event took place in the unique Ramsés event centre at Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid and was attended by more than twenty clients.

The 15th Client Meeting _b first is consolidated as a meeting point for the logistics community _b first. Bytemaster's client logistics companies included Acciona Forwarding, Bergé, Cacesa, Cotransa, Maher Consulting, Plaza Forwarding, Space Cargo, Tamex and Transnatur. The meeting was a good time to welcome new customers, deepen the debate on cybersecurity and strengthen the bonds of a logistics community that is growing around the digital transformation. With a great festive and jovial component, the guests were able to enjoy the novelties of _b first as well as a game of riddles.

The importance of people in Bytemaster

Xavier Camps, General Manager of bytemaster was responsible for welcoming those present, especially the company Bergé, which begins to operate as a new customer _b firstin January 2020. Xavier talked about the people of bytemaster and the strategic will on the part of management that the new generations take over in the decision making of bytemaster. "we have great professionals who have demonstrated autonomy and initiative to do things better in bytemaster. It's our duty to make way for them."

meeting _b first

The meeting was attended by Cacesa, a leading company in air traffic.

Juan Miguel San Miguel, IT Director at Cacesa, was invited to speak at the meeting to discuss the company's experience in migrating to the Cacesa Cloud. bytemaster. CACESA, historical client of bytemaster and leading operator in customs management in the e-commerce business, has been operating since September with bytemaster in SaaS format to increase your competitiveness in the e-commerce environment. According to Juan Miguel, "in e-commerce you can only compete with technology and process efficiency. Now that we move five million packages a month, we must look for a technology partner to accompany us in our strategy. Juan Miguel made special mention of the ability of the technical team of bytemaster for carrying out the migration of your information in record time, with maximum security.

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What's new in _b first

The turn of Salvador Monill, IT Director at bytemaster was to expose in detail the causes and effects of the cyberattack of last October 22 to the services of bytemaster. Attendees were able to comment on doubts and their impressions regarding the attack. Salvador also commented on the Business Continuity approach of bytemaster which seeks, along with other cybersecurity commitments, to strengthen the information security guarantees on the platform of bytemaster.

Javier Álvarez, Sales Manager_b first, was responsible for commenting on the new developments of the platform. Special interest was generated by the debate around the different market options for the management of maritime tariffs.

Aids for Logistics 4.0

Finally, guest speaker Pilar Gómez, from 3R Innovation Consulting, spoke about the importance of digital transformation in the logistics sector and how public institutions, at European and local level, offer different incentives to encourage the adoption of new technologies. The aid can be fiscal, incentives and subsidies in the framework of industry 4.0.

Those attending the event enjoyed a cocktail followed by a scape room activity. Both activities generated spaces for debate and networking between the different companies and with bytemaster. Finally, the traditional group meal of the meeting took place. Attendees agreed that these types of events are of great value to participate actively in the roadmap of the technology platform, as well as an excellent opportunity to strengthen relationships with other users _b firstand the team of bytemaster.

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