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Cybersecurity in logistics

The flow of digital information and your organization's operations are secure and controlled at all times with bytemaster. And thanks to our integrated logistic security and cyber security solutions in SaaS format, protect your business in a preventive and reactive way.

End point solutions Antivirus

Mobile phones, computers, tablets... The more devices in the information flow, the more likely they are to fall victim to a cyber attack. And that's why investing in proactive protection of these computers is critical.


The EndPoint security solutions from bytemaster make use of ESET technology for an integral centralized management. Besides, the Antivirus service protects all kind of devices (Windows, Linux, Apple, Android...). And all this, always updated and against multi-layer measures. In this case, based on machine learning technology.


With reliable technology, robust detection, local presence and excellent technical support


Advanced memory analysis

Monitors the behavior of a malicious process and analyzes it when it runs in memory.

Machine learning

ESET currently uses machine learning along with all our other defense layers. It gets a consolidated result and neural networks.

Anti-amsomware shield

It monitors and evaluates all executed applications according to their behavior and reputation. EndPoint security solutions are bytemaster designed to detect and block processes similar to the behavior of ransomware.

Integrated sandbox

Process isolation (sandboxing) integrated into the product. This allows a suspicious sample to be run in a virtual isolated environment. And all thanks to the emulation of different hardware and software components of the computer.

Exploit blocking

It monitors the most vulnerable and cyber-attack-prone applications. For example, browsers, document readers, mail clients
...and as soon as they are activated, the threat is detected and blocked immediately.

Anti-botnet protection

Identifies and blocks malicious communications used by botnets while identifying offensive processes.

Protection against network attacks

Another important layer of malware protection and vulnerability detection. Especially for those that have not yet been released or patched.

UEFI analysis

Protects, reviews and enhances the security of the pre-boot environment the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) It also monitors the integrity of the firmware.

DNA detections

Detections range from very specific hashes to ESET DNA detections. The latter are complex definitions of malicious behavior and characteristics of malware. ESET DNA detections are designed to take advantage of the fact that the behavior of objects is not so easily modified. Although the malicious code can be easily modified or obfuscated by attackers.


ESET's intrusion prevention system monitors the system's activity. It also uses a predefined set of rules to recognize suspicious behavior in the system. And it also prevents the attack process from carrying out the harmful activity.

Perimeter security solutions

Your organisation's IT security must be based on good management of access to the corporate network. Whether from the Internet, applications, VPN... That is why firewalls are the ideal technology. Because they ensure the flow of your information without sacrificing flexibility and agility in operations.
Bytemaster is a SonicWall Gold partner. And that allows us to offer the best firewall solutions in perimeter security.


SMP Support

Real-time analysis and monitoring of firewall behavior from bytemaster. It also detects any incidence and outsources the supervision to a team of specialized technicians.

Reports and alarms

You will always be informed of what is happening on your network with these perimeter security solutions.

You'll be able to control:
  • VPN scrolling and configuration.
  • Active monitoring of devices and alerts.
  • Generation of centralized protocols.
  • Software, hardware or virtual devices.
  • Intelligent reporting and visualization of activities.
  • Remote access reports and offline management.
  • Optimized license report.
  • SNMP support.

SaaS Perimeter Security

Real-time monitoring of firewall behavior from bytemaster. It also detects any incidence and outsources the supervision to a team of specialized technicians.

And without investment in infrastructure or installation of firewalls. With your equipment always updated within a monthly fee, based on a per-use model (according to your needs).

This monthly fee includes:

  • Next Generation Firewall and IPS.
  • Network antispyware.
  • Content and application control.
  • CAS - Security and control apps in the cloud G-suite O365. With Dropbox, Antifishing, DLP, Sandbox.
  • Unified management of all SonicWALL services in the Cloud (CSC)
  • SSL access and Web Application Firewall (WAF) protection
  • PCI-DSS compliance.
  • Clean Wireless.
  • Management and connection of operators.
  • Monitoring and management of service quality.
  • Supervision, management and reporting.

Solution Architecture

<sup style="font-size: 12px;">1 </sup><strong>Consola de Gestión bytemaster.</strong> Monitoriza y controla en tiempo real el rendimiento del firewall. Además gestiona rápidamente las incidencias relacionadas con la solución de seguridad perimetral.

<sup style="font-size: 12px;">2 </sup><strong>Firewall.</strong> Protege el flujo de información que entra en la red corporativa de tu organización desde casa.

<sup style="font-size: 12px;">3 </sup><strong>Cliente.</strong> Externaliza tus servicios de seguridad en modelo SaaS, sin invertir en infraestructura.

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