Land transport management

_b first te proporciona total gestión, control y trazabilidad de tus operaciones de transporte terrestre por carretera.
Distribución y gestión de flotas de transporte gracias a las integraciones ágiles de este software de distribución TMS.

Land Transport Management

As a fundamental part of intermodal transport, _b first It puts at your disposal tools for the management of the road transport from the same information platform.

Transport route planning

Automate and optimize the loading of containers from your transport fleet through the transport route planning system.

Traceability of documentation

All documentation relating to a shipment is linked to each other. Delivery notes, bills of lading, confirmations, etc. Have visibility of route milestones, such as delivery notices, return to the hub, among others.


Transport fleet management

_b first offers a fleet control system that extends the visibility of your logistics operations to the point of delivery.


It plans routes automatically. erp software for transport and logistics _b firsthas algorithms that optimize routes and minimize times and distances, taking into account the necessary parameters: download methodologies, priorities, customer profile, distances, road detours... The application is capable of connecting to traffic monitors (such as Google Maps) to establish the best route for delivery in real time.


Control and follow routes through a mobile application operating from any Android device. The tool allows you to manage your transport fleet and everything related to deliveries and collections, and also to register and document incidents related to the shipment. The GPS traceability of the transport route allows you to have total visibility of your location at all times and to generate proximity warnings based on it.


Consult real time all the information related to the status of your routes and shipments through a friendly and simple web interface. It generates automatic and custom reports, as well as warnings and alerts related to route management and shipment tracking.

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The e-learning platform specialized in the logistics sector.



  • Multicompany, Multidivision, multilanguage, multicurrency.
  • Security of access to menus and processes by user and/or group of users.
  • Execution-by-process security.
  • Data security by division.
  • Configurable and adaptable to each user.
  • Multiple searches and filtered by any field in the database.
  • Easy to import and export data from any process
  • Possibility of attaching multiple documents to any record (photos, pdfs, email, etc).

Management of collections/payments

  • Control of charges and payments of ports, with invoices and several counted.
  • Control of payment and collection of refunds with automatic posting.
  • Liquidation with correspondents of both ports and reimbursements.
  • Pricing by multiple parameters: lumps, kilos, net weight, appraisable weight, type of service, etc.
  • Climbing pricing.


  • EDI integration with clients and correspondents (sending and receiving)
  • Integration with other ERP areas
  • Integration with Web tracking (ENF)


  • Roadmap
  • Letter of Porte
  • Letter of Entry ADR
  • Due bill
  • Invoicing Sales Report
  • Tags

Transport Management

  • Routes and areas
  • Local distribution
  • Local Distribution Confirmation
  • National Cast Confirmation
  • Distribution of travel costs
  • Assignment counter
  • Scheduled delivery notes
  • Notice to Delegation
  • Zone mapping
  • Local distribution
  • National cast
  • National POD
  • Counter-reimbursement Management
  • Allocation of delivery Notes
  • Delivery Notes
  • Pick up Notice
  • Client Incidents Control
  • Bar codes in documents
  • Diet Sheet

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