Área de Administración y Finanzas

Discover the efficient transition of workflow with the day-to-day of your organization and enjoy managing freight forwarder offerings with our business applications.

Commercial operations for logistic operators

At your disposal a powerful CRM specifically designed for logistics operators.


It produces offers with the most up-to-date information and provides mechanisms to always include the concepts associated with a particular operation. Facilitates the preparation of commercial proposals adapted to the sector with _b first : Multi-language, scaled rates, project groupings and much more.



Complete track of your business management with all the guarantees of a CRM.



Direct access to cost and sale rates to anticipate the performance of each operation thanks to integrations with trading platforms such as WebCargoNet among others.

Consolidated Financial Information



Performs all billing functions, collections and payments portfolio, payment management and tax returns, statements to third parties, Treasury, financial and budgetary accounting, immobilized and financial analytics from the finance module.



Total traceability of the real-time impact of your operations on your income statement.

Administration Module for business applications



Effectively configures all your organization's working parameters: Group Companies, currencies, countries, ratings and concepts, as well as customers and suppliers.



Correctly manages incidents and non-conformities in business operations.

Document Management Module

Eliminates paper and reduces process time with business rules that optimize the quality of the global invoice processing process. Aimed at providing high productivity and eliminating errors, _b first It has drag & Drop functionality and allows the capture via OCR of documents and its automatic file based on type and reference, also managing the processes of distribution, approval and posting.


_b first Automatically classifies, validates, and links documents to a registry or operation within the platform: collection/delivery receipts, CMR's, Port letters, loading instructions... And it allows its traceability at all times.


Invoice Management

Invoice Management through Intelligent OCR _b first It allows a productive jump of importance for any logistic operator. The module facilitates the automatic extraction of the data, providing them immediately on the platform. Provider name, Tax ID, invoice number and other interest data automatically feed _b first At the time of the document digitization.

Do you want to train yourself in this area?

The e-learning platform specialized in the logistics sector.

Functionalities of business applications


  • Multicompany, Multidivision, multilanguage, multicurrency.
  • Security of access to menus and processes by user and/or group of users.
  • Execution-by-process security.
  • Data security by division.
  • Configurable and adaptable to each user.
  • Multiple searches and filtered by any field in the database.
  • Easy to import and export data from any process
  • Possibility of attaching multiple documents to any record (photos, pdfs, email, etc).

Management and Documentary archive

  • Drag & Drop of any document (or mail)
  • Automatic link of documents based on type and reference
  • Automatic archiving in _b first of documents generated by the ERP itself
  • GDFP: Vendor Invoice Workflow (OCR, distribution, approval and posting)
  • Open to any other type of document to be specified


  • Third party management
  • Insured risk
  • Reports
  • Forecasts


  • Financial Accounting
  • Taxes
  • Treasury
  • Analytical
  • Immobilized
  • Budget accounting
  • Statements to third parties
  • Collection and payment Portfolio
  • Billing – Invoices issued
  • Bills received
  • Reports
  • Accounting link
  • Forecasts


  • Commercial tracking
  • Documents
  • Offers
  • Rates
  • Reports
  • Statistics

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