In this section, you will find downloadable content about bytemaster and _b first as well as many other resources that will be useful to you and your team. Interviews, e-books, guides and much more.

e-books and reports


Guide: How to choose AN ERP and not die in the attempt

The implementation of a new management system is a complex task which, without a clear definition of objectives and needs, can result in a lack of functionalities and an increase in implementation costs.


Checklist: Discover the level of digitization of your company!

A logistic operator who wants to compete in the digital age needs to have tools that allow to have: traceability of operations, to adapt to demand, and share information with the rest of the ecosystem.


E-Book: Why is digitalization a challenge for 4.0 logistics?

The new era of Industry 4.0 leads to an unprecedented technological leap in history, yet it also leads to an important challenge for companies to adopt the technology that allows them to compete.


Guide: Why is b first better than competition?

We analyze the different management systems for the transport and logistics sector available in the market to identify the five reasons why to choose b first as the ERP for your organization.