Customer Tracking Extranet Portal

Have a web portal where you provide all the updated information to your customers and members of your organization, immediately and fully accessible. It gives different levels of access, user profiles and type of information to share with each one of them.

Tracking de operaciones de vanguardia

Documentation always updated

Customs documentation, invoices or any other information related to the shipments, always available to customers and collaborators with total comfort.

Online consultation of rates and services

Consultas de las tarifas de servicios, obtención de cotizaciones y demás peticiones de información desde cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento a través del portal de _b Extranet.



  • Nuevo diseño Web
  • Más ágil, visual e intuitivo
  • User friendly y responsive
  • Multi-idioma (ES/EN)
  • Personalización logo compañía y colores
  • Configurable por el propio usuario
  • Datos en tiempo real
  • Nueva gestión de Roles y Permisos
  • Dashboard página de inicio
  • Documentos adjuntos
  • Vínculos
  • Exportación a Excel

Land/sea/air traffic

  • Updated information about your games
  • Tracking of each game automatically with the information that the shipping companies
  • Tracking each shipment

Freight Forwarding and Logistic warehouse

Stock information for each of your stores


Information of the DUAs of each of the clients

Access security

ENF allows you to define users and multiple companies that you can access.

Report Manager

From ENF is allowed to generate reports and hang them from the portal

Request for services

ENF allows the application of services through the Portal

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