Customs Area

Realiza electrónicamente todas tus gestiones con la Agencia Tributaria y haz visible de forma rápida y segura el estado de tus despachos a clientes y colaboradores.
Utiliza una aplicación en constante actualización para responder digitalmente a las nuevas normativas de la gestión aduanera.

_b first is the most complete software for customs management

All your customs operations translated into your accounting books automatically



Automatically generates and sends despatches to the AEAT, always linked to the details of the shipment and with the minimum reintroduction of data between areas without leaving _b first . Offer your customers transparency, speed and effectiveness in customs processing, and make visible milestones throughout the process. The Customs module of _b first is a leader in the optimization of these operations.



_b first integrates with the DBTaric database, the tool for classifying goods according to the corresponding Spanish tariff items, so you will always have the most up-to-date version of import/export taxes and tariffs at a global level. Information accessible for consultation and transfer from the SAD itself.


The integral operative _b firstmoves the information generated in the customs operations automatically to the different areas of the platform, such as traffic, warehouse and finance, making it instantly available.

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  • Multicompany, Multidivision, multilanguage, multicurrency.
  • Security of access to menus and processes by user and/or group of users.
  • Execution-by-process security.
  • Data security by division.
  • Configurable and adaptable to each user.
  • Multiple searches and filtered by any field in the database.
  • Easy to import and export data from any process
  • Possibility of attaching multiple documents to any record (photos, pdfs, email, etc).

Office management

  • Integration with the dbTaric Database via Transfer.
  • Own database of tariff headings.
  • Telematic presentation
  • Agility in the offices by means of presentation of DUAs by Internet and by VAN network for the Canarian Government.
  • Adaptation new format DUA 2006.
  • Preparation of the new EDI message for ECS system, called EAL
  • Reception of Transits and Changes of Location
  • Sending EDI by Internet of the messages TNN, AVI, OBS and CUB for the management of your ADT.
  • Official Commissions
  • Partial credit memos
  • Control of pending invoicing
  • Internal Charges

Warranty control

  • Control of Guarantees and Payments to the Customs.
  • Lists of pending payments with both own guarantee and indirect guarantee with the generation of the payment due notice to customers with own guarantee.
  • Automatic generation of payment journal entries.
  • ADT, DA and DDA


  • EDI integration with clients and correspondents (sending and receiving)
  • Integration with other ERP areas
  • Integration with Web tracking (ENF)

Customs Warehouses

  • ADT Management

  • Reception of transits and changes of location (CUB)

  • Allows you to manage a Temporary Warehouse (ADT) and / or Local Authorized for Export Goods.

  • Reception of transits, request for changes of location, management of all your documents

  • Listings and EDI messages (TNN, AVI, OBS, CUB, DUAs, recapitulative DUAs and NCT)

  • Customs warehouses (DA) Other than customs (DDA) and commercial warehouse (Canary Islands)

  • Allows the management of deposits: public and/or private (Types: A, B, C, D, E and F), stock accounting (entries, manipulations, sales, transfers and exits) linked to normal declaration processes, by simplified procedures and/or domiciliation.

  • Manages all documents and electronic messages: DVD, IDA, sale on deposit, RUN, TRS, SDD, DUAs and NCTS


  • Module fully integrated into the platform with db Taric and AEAT databases.

  • One of the main values of b first is the integration with official entities.

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