Transitarios: Tráfico Aéreo, Marítimo y Terrestre

Ofrece a tus clientes un transporte internacional multimodal rápido y eficiente: marítimo, terrestre, aéreo, consolidado y postal aéreo.
Con el ERP _b first gestiona desde grandes volúmenes de e-commerce a proyectos singulares para una mejor gestión del tráfico.

Gestiona el transporte desde una sola plataforma, toda su operativa de tráfico internacional y nacional

Software ERP Logístico _b first | Gestión Logística, TMS y WMS


Air transport

Import/export air operations management and all associated documentation.


Ground transportation

Management of inland container, full truck and groupage transport operations.



Maritime Operations Management FCL (full container load) and LCL (less than container load).


Consolidated Maritime Traffic

Specially designed for consolidating companies (NVOCC).


Air Courrier

Tool for the management of distribution of parcels by air.

_b first is the most complete solution for the daily management of all traffic and transport operations.



Linked operations and connected to each other as a single unit. Once the workflow is established, _b first It automatically takes care of completing the various orders with minimal input and no matter how complex.



It automatically manages transactions between different means of transport, subsidiaries, countries and currencies, and has all the necessary and accessible documentation from a single platform. From the extranet portal of _b first , the electronic communication with the different interlocutors of your logistic ecosystem is possible. Make budgets Atomatizados, provides tracking information to your customers and let them have have complete transparency of the operations you do, providing value and security.



It uses all the information platforms of the logistic ecosystem through agile and secure integrations. The connection with trading platforms, communication with ports and shipping companies is assured with _b first .

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La plataforma de e-learning especializada en el sector logístico.



  • Multicompany, Multidivision, multilanguage, multicurrency.
  • Security of access to menus and processes by user and/or group of users.
  • Execution-by-process security.
  • Data security by division.
  • Configurable and adaptable to each user.
  • Multiple searches and filtered by any field in the database.
  • Easy to import and export data from any process
  • Possibility of attaching multiple documents to any record (photos, pdfs, email, etc).


  • Traffic management.
  • Reports.


  • Complete management of air carriers.
  • Stock Control Air Knowledge.
  • Settlement CASS.

Air Courier

  • Office management.
  • orbita.
  • Reports.

Maritime consolidated

  • Export Traffic Management
  • Traffic Import Management.
  • Connectivity.
  • Ports and shipping companies.
  • Reports.


  • Traffic management.
  • Connectivity.
  • Projects.
  • Ports and shipping companies.
  • Reports.

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