_b first es el software ERP de los grandes operadores de gestión logística en el trasporte internacional de mercancías aérea, marítima, terrestre, almacén y aduanas.

ERP Logistics, the key tool for the digital transformation of your organization

_b first is the transport and logistics software for freight forwarders and logistics operators to improve their efficiency in the sector. It allows your customers complete visibility of your operations through digitalization and traceability with a 100% cloud platform.

A single platform for all your logistical operations


Tráfico Internacional

Management of all types of national and international traffic (air, land and sea).

ERP Administration and Finance Software

Administration and Finance

Administration and financial management of all your business operations from a single platform.



Automation of all your customs operations with connection to the Tax Office.

WMS Warehouse Logistics Software


Logistics warehouse management system, cross-docking and bonded warehouse in a single module

A set of tools to increase your productivity


ERP integrations

We integrate with all the actors in your logistics chain to maximize operational agility.


Business Intelligence

Turn your data into valuable information for your business decision making.


_b Learn

bLearn is the online platform for training and specialization in ERP _b first.


_b Tracking

Portal web que proporciona a tus clientes trazabilidad completa de sus envíos con la información que necesitan 24/7.


Cloud Services

All your operations from a secure, agile and reliable SaaS service in the cloud.

Do you want to train yourself in this area?

The e-learning platform specialized in the logistics sector.

Increase the productivity of your logistics operations

An ERP software designed by and for forwarders

Our logistics ERP currently _b firstoperates with the most important references at the freight forwarding level in Spain. For this reason, all of its modules respond in an agile and specific way to all the business cases that can be found in the daily operations of the sector.

The most complete rate manager on the market

_b first provides the power and flexibility necessary to allow you to draw up any type of tariff, however complex it may seem. You can draw up rates based on the specific conditions of your organisation and according to port and country of destination, dates, type of transport, entity or type of client. Services and freights are also calculated automatically, so the tariff tool of the software for transport and logistics _b first is the best way to ensure that no concept of an operation goes unchecked.

Invoice management led to excellence

_b first It has the most efficient OCR solution for invoice management. Any document inbound to the platform is quickly processed by the tool, which automatically detects all the fields in the document, regardless of its disposition.

Enjoy full traceability of your operations with our Logistics ERP


Easily navigate all aspects of an operation

_b first It has a modular structure, i.e. it allows to add operations of different business areas in defined functional blocks. It allows the flow of information automatically and instantaneously from different functional blocks, allowing the traceability of operations along the value chain.


Web Portal for your customers

_b first It puts at your disposal a Web portal with your corporative image so that your clients and collaborators can access, at any time and from any device, to the information that they need. It provides a history of the milestones of each submission and the possibility of downloading documents such as invoices or other documents of interest, as well as the possibility of consulting fees, services and making requests. Everything from an intuitive and secure interface.


Facilitates traceability of generated documentation

_b first It allows to attach files to the different records of your business in a quick and comfortable way. Reduces work times and improves the traceability of all documentation generated throughout an operation.


Incident Support Portal

_b first It offers a professional, fast and flexible after sales service. It registers any type of incidence at any time and assign a priority level for an attention to the height of the need.

Full ERP Software Integration


Total integration with all ecosystem platforms

The software _b firstis designed to integrate automatically, quickly and securely to ports, airports, state agencies and online trading platforms for transparent and fast communication with third parties.


Secure connection to other management platforms

_b first It provides a complete suite of applications for each operating area of a forwarder, but also adapts to other solutions. It is capable of maintaining a safe, agile and accessible information flow at all times.


Automatic information flows with clients and collaborators

_b first It allows you to work seamlessly with customers who need to carry out transport orders and delivery notes electronically. This information is received and processed so that these operations are automatically linked to their corresponding departure.

Business Intelligence applied to Logistics

Technological robustness

b first provides a robust solution from the ground up. An ERP software for freight forwarders built under .net and SQL databases with an "intelligent architecture" of data analysis that favors decision making in real time.

Custom Reports

Use the full potential of your data to produce periodic, customized reports with the Business Analytics tools it provides _b first , as well as consultations and analysis of operations with great speed.

Excellence and speed in management dashboards

Enjoy the best dashboard experience on the market. Power BI or Qlick Sense, the logistics _b firstERP gives you the information you need to make quick and safe decisions.


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