About Us

We are one of the most important software companies for freight forwarders in our country, offering solutions to more than sixty companies and 5,000 users in the transport and logistics sector. Since 1995 we have been helping logistics operators to manage their entire flow of goods and information in the most efficient and effective way, accelerating their entry into connected and global logistics.


In 1994, Xavier camps and Salvador Monill, friends and co-workers, detected the great need of the local industrial sector for computerized business management solutions. It was the start of the ERP for companies.

With over 20 employees, Xavier and Salvador founded bytemaster that year , a company focused on the marketing and implementation of management software targeted to the small and medium industrial sector, and foreign trade.

Three years later (1997), bytemaster reinforced its presence in Madrid through the acquisition of a software company for the logistics sector, competition of the current offer.

In 1999, the company implements a new business model (innovative at the time), which swapped the license sales for a ASP framework by renting the software per user. This is a very competitive offer for the customer since it involves cost savings in infrastructure and maintenance. bytemaster then becomed one of the first software companies in Spain to offer software in a SaaS format.

In the following years, the company continued to consolidate its package of management software in a SaaS format, topping it off with communications and other information systems, while transitioning to being a technological partner of reference for the incipient digital transformation of the industrial sector of the Spanish territory.

In 2000, bytemaster it decided to strengthen its software offer in the existing transport and logistics sector. In collaboration with a group of leading clients in the sector, it creates _b firsta management software for logistics operators that covers all the operational cases of the sector and that quickly becomes a robust and reliable solution.

This is how, in 2016, bytemaster decided to strategically bet on the transport and logistics sector to become the provider of communications technologies and reference information, and accelerate its entry into digital transformation.

With Xavier and Salvador still leading bytemaster celebrates it 25 years in 2019 with over 60 employees and a revenue of 5 million. Its mission remains faithful to its beginnings: to provide tools that allow the improvement of the productivity of companies through their digitization.


bytemaster believes the key to success lies in othe organization's relationship with its employees and the rest of the logistical ecosystem. Located in the technological ground space of the Tecnocampus in Mataró, we constantly strengthen from within to be reflected in the products and services we offer.

The Team

Developing and implementing technological solutions requires creative, proactive and resolutive staff.

bytemaster has a team of professionals whose most important quality, in addition to those mentioned, is the sense of teamwork, effort and discipline as its main values.
We firmly believe in continuous training, so we are always participating in both technical and professional skills courses.

We foster team bulding: we promote good relations and a healthy environment in our day to day. We generate spaces for a commong workplace since we believe that a consolidated team can generate better ideas.



"Committed to the success of our customers, bringing innovation to logistics".

Our Vision

"Helping people achieve their challenges, at any time and from anywhere".


Our Values

"Our dream, the success of others. As a team and by listening, we will make it come true".


"Our challenge is to have no limits. Our tool, to learn and improve ourselves".


"Being a professional means being a great person, humility and honesty will get us there".


Our Commitment


Relationship with the university, the Tecnocampus

We actively participate in the initiatives promoted by our ecosystem to foster entrepreneurship, talent, development and qualified professionals to arise.


  • Mentors and sponsors at the SomHackaton 2019
  • Platinum Sponsors Premis Creatic 2018, 2019 and 2021.

Relationship with Vocational Training

We are aware that vocational training enables the student to work in a more specific professional area than a university degree, so our involvement in this area helps the growth of future professionals.


  • Diploma of Recognition of Commitment to Vocational Training 2022 Escola Pia Santa Anna

Relationship with the different actors in the logistics sector

We believe in the importance of closely knowing the concerns, needs and vision of the transport and logistics sector, so we actively participate in the different forums of the sector, directly and indirectly.

Latest collaborations


Official Sponsors of the XIV Calçotada Logística CTM 2022


Collaborator of the XIII day of the forwarding Barcelona, organized by ATEIA-OLTRA


Sponsor of the logistic business meeting, organized by UNO-Madrid


Sponsor of the Calçotada of the Club Transitari Maritim of Barcelona

Technology Partners

The excellence of our products is largely due to the selection of suppliers, collaborators and technology partners that allow us to use the best tools on the market.

Microsoft Gold Partner

This year we update our skills as Gold Partner, which allows us to provide solidness and security to the platform _b first .



SonicWall Gold Partner

Leader as a managed security provider . SonicWall allows us to offer solutions that ensure the cybersecurity of our clients.




Select Certified Partner from the referent in connectivity and networking solutions.

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Partner tecnológico para nuestra innovadora oferta de comunicaciones unificadas.<strong style="color: #ffffff; font-size: 15px;"><a href="https://blog.bytemaster.es/es/bytemaster-seguimos-siendo-gold-partner-de-microsoft" style="color: #ffffff;"></a></strong>




Partner Enterprise thanks to our communications systems and business collaboration.
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Work with us

Advantages of being part of bytemaster



We foster long-term relationships that allow us to generate knowledge and value in the day to day of our team. In bytemaster you will enjoy an indefinite duration contract and a total of 23 days as of holidays.


We do our best to combine our lives in and out of the office. We offer schedule flexibility and intensive working shifts to maximize our time out of the office.



You will enjoy from complementary health insurance and financial support regarding your telephone and Internet services at home.



We work on the fifth floor of a building in (almost) first sea line, open worksapce and room enough to eat and relax. Last, we are located in the Technological park in the Maresme area.

Job Offers

Business Consultant in transport and logistics

We are looking for a business consultant for the implementation of _b first.Our management software for logistic operators. Join us if you feel passionate about logistics and want to be part of a reference technology company.

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