Warehouse Management

Controla el stock de tu almacén en tiempo real, independientemente del servicio que ofrezcas a tus clientes con el ERP _b firtst.



  • New Design
  • Native Android programming
  • More ergonomic design
  • Installable on any Android device (Mobile, PDA, Tablet, etc.)
  • Barcode and QR code reader
  • Capture of photos
  • Integrated with _b first in real time

Reduces service times/ Flexibility

The warehouse management module of the transport and logistics _b firstsoftware meets the needs of a 3PL logistics operator, allowing you to manage your entire service portfolio: cross-docking operations, logistics warehouse and bonded warehouse.



Integrates all automated information about inputs, outputs, picking, real-time packing from mobile devices (PDA) with the rest of the information platform, and provides this data reliably to your customers. It manages in an agile and simple way the singular events like incidents and defects in merchandise with _b first . Define specific workflows and enjoy the possibility of automatically making and attaching pictures from any mobile device.



Automatically reports all movements of goods from your logistics warehouse to the Tax Office. It _b firstis verified as software for the management of customs warehouses.

WMS Warehouse Management Software

Do you want to train yourself in this area?

The e-learning platform specialized in the logistics sector.



  • Multicompany, Multidivision, multilanguage, multicurrency.
  • Security of access to menus and processes by user and/or group of users.
  • Execution-by-process security.
  • Data security by division.
  • Configurable and adaptable to each user.
  • Multiple searches and filtered by any field in the database.
  • Easy to import and export data from any process
  • Possibility of attaching multiple documents to any record (photos, pdfs, email, etc).

Logistic Warehouse

  • General specifications
  • Inputs/outputs
  • Manipulations (Operations)
  • Billing
  • Basic reports
  • Integrations
  • Tags

Customs Warehouse

  • Temporary warehouse (ADT)
  • Customs Warehousing (DA)
  • Non-Customs deposit (DDA)
  • Operations
  • Billing
  • Reports

Cross Docking

  • Facilitates communication between correspondents. Directly and via a distribution centre (HUB)
  • Provides real-time information on the state of the goods
  • Streamlines operations through standardized processes

Mobile Scanning

  • Shipping transparency and traceability available to customers and collaborators
  • Wireless PDA WiFi solution that facilitates the mobility of its operators

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