_b first Is SaaS

_b first is offered to in a SaaS format from the cloud services platform of bytemaster. Access to _b first and other applications through a robust cloud platform that will also allow you to connect communications services with your business applications.

bytemaster On Line (bOL), the cloud platform of _b first

_b first operates from the cloud making use of bOL, the cloud platform of bytemaster From which you will be able to manage all your applications and computer services.

Easily manage access for your cloud services users

The Cloud services platform of _b first Allows you to easily manage everything related to access, roles and licenses of _b first , as well as other contracted applications.

_b first From anywhere and device

Easily access _b first From any place and device through a Remote desktop solution accessible from a Web service.

Performance reports and remote support

Easily get structured information about the use and performance of your cloud platform with the desired granularity: corporate, headquarters or per user. You will also be able to have a Remote Assistance service to solve any incident.

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bCom, Unified communications with _b first

Benefit from the integration of _b first With all your communication channels

Agile communication with correspondents, clients and collaborators

A full range of voice, video, chat, screen sharing and WebRTC services, integrated into _b first . So the information generated in your communication channels can be used in the platform to gain traceability.

Integrates information from _b first In your communications

_b first Interact openly with all the information generated on customers, users, shipments and documents. This is how you extend a bridge between what happens in your standard communication channels with the operation of your business. With our unified communications, it is possible to open a customer card at the time that it calls the office, for example.

Online Helpdesk for incident resolution

_b first It puts at your disposal an incident management portal that speeds up the communication with the users thanks to the capabilities of the cloud platform.

Start Online and Continue Offline

bytemaster It bets on the digital management of incidents online to facilitate the monitoring of the same ones, but always maintaining the personal contact telephone for the resolution with the end user.

A team of professionals who talk about logistics

More than 30 professionals who are experts in transport and logistics operations at your disposal to implement, train and prepare your platform _b first . We're experts, ask.

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