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Count on CISCO bytemastertechnology-based solutions to increase the reliability and speed of your enterprise communications systems.

Unified Communications

A comprehensive communications solution that encompasses, within the same software, the management of all communication channels necessary for the operation of your organization under a pay-per-use CaaS model. Increase the productivity of your organization, reduce your bill and ensure quality connectivity with your international partners.


Connect co-workers, partners, suppliers, and customers with the information they need


Access and share video on the desktop, when you're on the road, and on demand, as easily as making a phone call


Facilitate better interactions between teams by dynamically bringing people, virtual workgroups, and teams together


Create enterprise network extensions for mobile devices so mobile workers can be productive anywhere


Innovate in the value chain by integrating collaboration and communications into applications and business processes
Our technological partner for these solutions is CISCO

We work with the best communications technology

From bytemaster we design and implement communication solutions based on the technology of reference in the market. Prefer the reliability and robustness of communications projects based on CISCO technology.

Call Center Solutions

Rely on a contact center and automatic call distribution (ACD) solution, whose main objectives are to improve telephone service, increase the quality of customer service and provide statistical data about the activity performed. bytemaster uses CISCO technology to give you a world of benefits:


  • Improve customer service levels and response times
  • Reduce unanswered call levels
  • Optimize costs and internal resources
  • Manage and distribute increased call volume
  • Increase agent productivity and effectiveness

Do you want to improve your communications?

Improve the way your organization communicates and shares information internally and with your customers and partners. Know how.

Switching solutions

In our networked business world, fast and reliable access to any resource, anywhere, at any time, is fundamental. Cisco switching solutions provide a complete maximum uptimehigh processing capacity rapid implementation, better access, y automated operations. The expert services in design guidance y Cisco Support help you meet the advertised performance of your network.

Companies are increasingly adopting technologies to compete in this digital age. Start solving your most pressing needs with an intention-based network integrated into Cisco.



The switching solutions we offer ensure the operation of your communications with and offer a range of advantages



Connect co-workers, partners, suppliers, and customers with the information they need


Advanced Security

Protect the assets of your data and consequently the integrity and continuity of your business.


Will enable them to capitalize on the potential of technology and applications, such as VoIP and wireless technology



Simplify your wide area network without sacrificing quality, security, or reliability


Solve problems faster and increase IT productivity with a context that gives you actionable information.

Detect Threats

Solve threats and vulnerabilities throughout your network, including those hidden in encrypted traffic.

Begins to really connect

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We offer you a wide range of unified communications solutions with reference technology in the market.