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ERP Maritime Transport

_b first is the ERP software for large logistics management companies for air, sea, land, warehouse and customs in SaaS format.

Maritime Transport Management

Our logistic ERP _b first currently operates with the most important references at a national and international freight forwarding level. For this reason, all its modules respond in a flexible and specific way to all the business cases that can be found in the daily operations of the sector.

How does the ERP help you _b first?

As a fundamental part of intermodal transport, _b first integrates its shipping management solution with the rest of the company's activities from a single platform.

Electronic Messages with Ports and Shipping Companies

All electronic messages to ports and shipping companies can be generated from the ERP software itself: Booking requests, booking confirmation, shipping instructions, admittance and delivery, and transport orders. 

Container Tracking

We receive container tracking from both shipping companies and ports and integrate it with our tracking platform. We keep updated the arrival and departure dates of the containers (ETA and ETD).

Online maritime rate quote

We integrate the freight rates of the main shipping companies through Cargofive.

Customisable to Measure

The great flexibility of our ERP software makes it possible for us to customize our tool for each customer, in addition to the ability to integrate with any external service.


 Bytemaster is a leader in connectivity with third-party platforms and other value-added services such as ports, shipping companies, airlines, customs and other external platforms.

Software for Forwarders and Logistics Operators

For more than 25 years, in bytemaster we accompany companies in the logistics sector in their digital transformation processes by providing technological solutions from a powerful cloud platform. Discover our ERP software for transport and logistics _b first, as well as our solutions for business continuity, unified communications, cyber security and cloud computing.

Our Clients speak

We have evolved from having our own technology base and ERPs to combining them with an external company. We saw different programs and knew that our critical point was going to be customs, because that was where we had the greatest variety of operations. We thought that the option of bytemaster was going to cover it well, and along with the air and maritime issues, they were the most decisive to choose you.
Xavier Urtasun

Managing Director, Salvat Logistics

The milestone system is what allows us to track customers' goods. Integrated to the online quotation, these have been developments that have allowed us to adapt to the market. Bytemaster is also responsible for the supply, installation and services of system infrastructure, communications and security. From their central platform, they have provided access service to their different branches and users.
Alfonso Valenzuela

Chief Financial Officer, Space Cargo

At Cacesa we had always been clear that technology was one of the keys to success in the transport and logistics sector. Hence our permanent commitment to always be one step ahead in this area. Bytemaster has been with us for almost two decades on this complex path. With the incorporation of its cloud solution, we are making a qualitative leap that we are sure will allow us to continue growing together.
Jose Ramon Lopez

Chief Financial Officer, Cacesa

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