• The Apollo program is the result of a public-private partnership.
  • It is a launching pad for technological startups specialized in the logistics field.
  • It is materialized with the creation of coworking spaces, meeting rooms and an area for hybrid conferences and presentations.

TecnoCampus Mataró and Bytemaster, a company specialized in the digital transformation of the logistics and transport sector, have joined forces to promote the Apollo Program. It is a launching pad for technological startups specialized in the logistics field.

This public-private collaboration has made it possible to combine the TecnoCampus' experience in supporting entrepreneurs and startups with the leadership of the company Bytemaster, a leader in technological solutions for companies in the logistics sector, such as the software for transport and logistics _b first, business continuity solutions, unified communications, cybersecurity and cloud computing.

The relationship between this technology specialist and the TecnoCampus is long and intense, as Andreu Camps, business developer at Bytemaster, explains. The company, which has been in the technology park for more than a decade, regularly collaborates in events such as the Hackathon or the Creatic awards, among other initiatives.

The covid-19 pandemic marked a turning point for Bytemaster. Faced with the rise of teleworking, the company saw its office space at the TecnoCampus partially fall into disuse. "We have 60 workers who now have the flexibility to go to the office or telecommute," Camps explains.

This situation caused them to rethink the use of the offices, creating new workstation models, new office formulas and new meeting points for workers. "We decided to rearrange the space and contribute the space we had left free to the logistics system," says Andreu Camps.

Collaboration with TecnoCampus

At this point, Bytemaster decided to carry out an initiative with the support of TecnoCampus. Thus was born the Apollo Program, which materializes with the creation of spaces with coworking tables, meeting rooms and an area for hybrid conferences and marketing presentations. It also has the advantage of being free of charge for companies in the sector with the aim of creating alliances and collaborations.

Thus, the union between Bytemaster and the TecnoCampus is based on the provision of physical space and connectivity by the technology specialist, and the offer of mentoring services and advice on the management and creation of companies, as well as networking opportunities, from the business and technology park.

The profile of companies that have joined the Apollo Program are mainly technology startups in the logistics sector. For the moment, two entities have already joined and two others are in the process of entering the program.

"We hope to make collaborations in the presentation of products, webinars, virtual cafes and other activities," explains Andreu Camps, who assures that they are open "to other conditions".