For Bytemaster, collaboration with all actors in the logistics chain is key to the digitization of the sector. For this reason, since September of this year we are members of BCL, the association Barcelona-Cataluña Logistics Centre. Our participation is aimed at exchanging knowledge in the application of technological solutions to the logistics chain.

The agreement, signed by BCL General Manager Santiago Bassols and Bytemaster Marketing Manager Valentina Salinas, foresees that both organizations will work together to promote the digitalization of communication flows in the Catalan logistics sector. In this sense, the integration of bytemaster technological partner in the association will materialize with its immediate incorporation into the BCL Innovation or New Technologies Committee. From here, pilot projects of new technologies and process improvement will be promoted. It will also collaborate in the design and development of workshops on technologies such as Business Intelligence.

"The integration in BCL of leading organizations in the processes of digitization and innovation of the logistics chain is essential for the competitive improvement of the logistics chain in Catalonia" - Santiago Bassols, General Manager of BCL

In this sense, last April 25 Bytemaster and BCL, with Air Freight Solution, organized in the headquarters of the Consortium of the Free Trade Zone of Barcelona a Conference about Logistics Connectivity in the Digital Age with a great attendance success. During the last quarter of 2019, these same organisations are planning to hold a second conference to promote the digitalisation of the logistics sector.

Video of the meeting that Bytemaster co-organized with AFS last April 25 in the framework of collaboration with BCL.

The importance of efficient information flow

"We live in a logistic ecosystem in which the flow of efficient information between the different actors plays a crucial role for our competitiveness" - Valentina Salinas, Marketing Director at Bytemaster.

"For Bytemaster, participation in BCL is strategic to develop initiatives that accelerate the process of digitization of the Catalan logistics sector and thus become more competitive in today's market," said Bytemaster's Marketing Director. She also recalled that "we live in a logistics ecosystem in which the efficient flow of information between the different actors plays a crucial role for our competitiveness". For Santiago Bassols, the "integration into BCL of leading organisations in the processes of digitisation and innovation of the logistics chain is essential for the competitive improvement of the logistics chain in Catalonia".

About bytemaster

Bytemaster is the technological partner of reference for the Spanish transport and logistics sector. Since 1994, he has been actively working for the digital transformation of the sector. In this way, allowing their customers to control the flow of information from their business operations to gain competitiveness in the new digital environment. Your ERP _b firstis the most powerful management tool for logistics operators on the market. Used today by major freight forwarders with a global presence, _b first allows to gain productivity and traceability to the operations, as well as a complete visibility of the information for the intelligent prey of decisions. Bytemaster is constantly researching new technological solutions that allow a better connectivity of its customers with the rest of the logistics ecosystem. Bytemaster's mission is to achieve connected and global logistics.

About BCL

BCL works to improve competitiveness and promote Catalonia as a Euro-Mediterranean logistics platform. It is made up of the main private and public companies in the logistics sector and professional associations, entities dedicated to training and innovation, as well as other parties and organizations for industrial, economic and logistical research and development. *BCL, through its different committees, is a forum for analysis, debate and reflection by professionals on the present and future of the logistics sector in Catalonia.