_b first successfully bytemaster operates with the Air Freigt Solution platform. AFS is the new solution to provide connectivity to airlines, carriers and handling operators in air cargo.

Air freight remains one of the most bureaucratic sectors in the logistics sector. In fact, the air sector was the pioneering means of transport in implementing the digitalisation of electronic tickets for passengers, although it has lagged far behind in the digital race. According to IATA, information to complete an air cargo shipment has to be re-entered. more than 97 times during your trip. This greatly slows down a transport option used precisely because of its speed.

_b first understands the need for logistics operators to improve the productivity of their air cargo operations. That's why, from the beginning, we have opted for an open solution philosophy, ready to connect to any platform in the market. Thanks to this, it is possible to increase the productivity of any of your operations and optimize the digital exchange of information between the different actors in the value chain: airlines, handling operators, customs, customers, etc.

_b first increases your connectivity with AFS

_b first has now available for all its customers the integration with the platform Air Freight Solution. Any IATA agent can already send MAWB/HAWB electronically from _b first. In this way, it is possible to obtain flight status information automatically in your ERP.

"This solution has already been implemented in several users with great results of efficiency and robustness. Especially compared to other solutions on the market." - Javier Alvarez, KAM _b first.

"The advantage of operating air cargo through _b first has considerably improved the productivity of our customers." Comment Javier Alvarez, responsible for the business of _b first in bytemaster. "We are fortunate to have customers who are always willing to improve the efficiency of their operations. This integration has been operational for more than a year now. And most of our customers are migrating to this new platform."

Connectivity with AFS complements an offer of _b first that allows the operation of the air cargo in a digital way. From _b firstForwarders can send and receive a confirmation without having to re-enter the data. From traffic, transport orders and documentation to the airline leave electronically from _b first. In addition and with the customs module, it is possible to manage electronically the export formalities.

The advantages of using AFS from _b first

The advantages of working with this new air connectivity tool are directly related to increased productivity. On the one hand, it saves time in managing and sending documentation to airlines and handling operators. On the other hand, submitting documentation electronically saves costs. In fact, some airlines have already begun to charge additional fees if another medium is used.

The most important thing, however, is that by using AFS with _b first, the forwarder obtains full traceability of operations and flight status. No need to re-enter data into the system.

Collaboration between AFS and bytemaster will bring more solutions to freight forwarders

The connectivity between AFS and _b first will continue to evolve in order to achieve complete digitisation of air cargo. The issuance of transport orders to the handling operator in digital form is currently in beta phase. We hope that soon it will be integrated into _b first for automatic issuance. In addition, AFS is working on the implementation of the "paperless lift" to expedite shipments through digital communication between the operator and the tax office.