Sparber Group will implement Bytemaster's complete cloud solution to cover all of the company's business areas. _b first in the cloud to cover all of the company's business areas and with a view to addressing its digital transformation in the short and medium term.

The _b first implementation project involves all areas of the company: Administration and Finance, National Transport, International Transport, Warehouse, Commercial, Business Intelligence, Extranet Portal and Document Management. In addition, the project will implement a mobility solution in the warehouse, and will be supported by the on-line training and qualification platform _b Learn during the entire implementation phase.

Regarding the solution provided by Bytemaster, Oliver Ackermann, CEO and IT Director at Sparber Group, explained that "_b first is an ERP that fits perfectly with our operations and business philosophy and we hope to get the most out of it in the short and medium term".

He also added that "the ultimate goal of all this investment is to improve the operation of all processes and improve the attention and personalized service to our customers".

With this project, the company wants to give a differential boost to the company, preparing it to optimize and automate its processes, thus improving its competitiveness in the coming years and preparing it to continue its international expansion.

In a second phase, _b first will also be deployed in the group's international offices.

"What excites me most about this new start are the new challenges and difficulties. Also, the tool itself means that we're shaking up the company's internal processes and that we can make improvements. In the future, it will give us a lot of scope to take advantage of the range of options that b first offers us."

Oliver Ackermann comments on this new beginning with bytemaster.