Transnatur chooses_b first, the ERP for Transport and Logistics of bytemaster

Transnatur is one of the main logistic groups of the peninsula. With close to 600 employees and 14 branches in Spain and Portugal, its activity is especially focused on International Land, Sea, Air, Customs, Warehousing and Distribution Transport. However, it also offers other services such as Project Transportation, Art, Fairs and Triangular Operations. Overall, options for transporting goods from origin to destination, through the logistics service.

Commitment to bytemaster as a Technology Partner

Superior customer service is one of the keys to Transnatur's strategy. This has led to its current moment of growth and expansion. Always supported by a continuous improvement of its processes and a bet on technology to handle the extreme complexity of the business.

Within this technological bet, and after an exhaustive search, in July Transnatur decided to carry out a complete renovation of its information systems. And it did it with the bet for the ERP solution for Freight Forwarders first _b of bytemaster.

Thanks to the agreement with bytemaster, _b firstit will become the global management solution for all areas and companies of the Transnatur Group. They will thus have a comprehensive, state-of-the-art technological solution to replace their current, self-developed, decentralized, PICK-based solution. This logistics and warehouse management software provides an improvement in the company's logistics processes.

Financial Module _b first

Within the same project, the financial module _b firstwill replace the current financial solution. No doubt guaranteeing the integrity of the entire solution and avoiding costly integrations. As these always involve a major effort of development and maintenance of versions between different products.

"After many years of growth with the same PICK solution and our own development team, and after probing the market, we have found the solution that best fits our work philosophy and the technology and processes of our company. Now we will be better prepared to face the new challenges, and assume the growth and expansion that the company has planned. "Eduard Bascuñán, Deputy Director of the Transnatur Group.

Among the main advantages of the implementation _b firstis its ability to unify the operations of all centers. According to Francesc Matas, IT director of the Transnatur group:

"The new solution will allow us to take a leap forward, optimizing our processes and improving the reliability and quality of service. The complexity of the project involves centralizing the operations of a company that acted in a decentralized manner. This will be a considerable effort for Transnatur's IT team, but will result in an overall improvement in the short and medium term.

Experience, a key factor

The experience and knowledge of the sector have been key in the decision in favor of _b first. A strategic decision for the development of the company, as well as the perfect fit of the product with the needs of the freight forwarding sector. "We have valued many options. And bytemaster offers us the guarantees of success in a key project for our future. "Eduard Bascuñán stands out.

Experience in large projects with high complexity has been another decisive aspect. "His clear and defined trajectory, with experience in large projects and first class references, gave us all the necessary confidence". Javier Pagés, General Manager of the Transnatur Group, states.

On behalf ofbytemaster, and in the words of its Manager Xavier Camps:

"Transnatur is a luxury as a client, and for us it is a great, exciting and motivating project. "In the same way, Javier Álvarez, commercial manager of _b first. He highlights "the competitiveness of _b firstas a product. And the recognition achieved in the market as specialists in software solutions for the sector.


Transnatur is a company specialized in international transport and logistics solutions. It operates in projects by sea, air or land transport, including specialized services such as Project Transportation, Fairs and Triangular Operations. It has 14 offices in Spain and Portugal, and an extensive network of exclusive agents to provide services worldwide. The company, founded in 1979, is in a phase of growth and expansion. Today, it has more than 600 workers to support with a continuous technological update. Not forgetting the renovation of computer systems to offer the most efficient service.

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