Bytemaster participated as sponsor of the 19th edition of the Premis Creatic del Tecncampus de Mataró. For the fourth consecutive year, Bytemaster supports this premise to entrepreneurship, which reinforces its commitment to the business fabric of the campus. Bytemaster is also the official sponsor of the Bytemaster Tecnocampus Recing Team, of the SomHackaton Tecnocampus and frequent actor in the different social commitment actions of the campus.


Last Thursday, November 14, Bytemaster had the honor of preside over the 19th presentation of the Creatic Awards at the Nit de l'Empreneduria del Tecnocampus de Mataró.. As it is already known, the awards night is considered the annual meeting point for entrepreneurs, start-ups and businessmen of the territory. The Creatic Premis, sponsored by Bytemaster for the fourth consecutive year, are aimed at recognizing business projects linked to the Tecnocampus of Mataró.

This year's award, consisting of €12,000 and complementary grants from the Tecnocampus Incubator, went to the company Health XCode, promoters of an innovative technology for incubators of premature babies. Salvador Monill, IT Director at Bytemaster, presented the award for the best entrepreneurial project in Vocational Training.

Committed to entrepreneurship

The participation bytemaster_in the sponsorship of these Awards is not coincidental. Being one of the first companies to be located in the Tecnocampus Technology Park in Mataró, Bytemaster is committed to encouraging entrepreneurial projects and enriching the business fabric of its environment. Xavier Camps, Bytemaster's General Manager, comments at an interview with La Vanguardia that "[in Bytemaster] We want to be preferential participants in supporting the entrepreneurs of the future, and promote a working model of considerable complicity between teaching and business".

Bytemaster Tecnocampus Racing Team


The social commitment to the entrepreneurial fabric of Tecnocampus does not stop at the Creatic Awards alone. At the beginning of November, the agreement to create the Bytemaster Tecnocampus Racing Team was publicly celebrated. This is a motorcycle competition team made up of students from the Tecnocampus of Mataró who will participate in a real competition in October 2020. The competition that asks students to apply their theoretical university knowledge in a real industrial project. In this way, through the design, development and production of the real prototype of a motorcycle, the team will compete in the Aragon Circuit in various tests.

The competition encompasses teams from 88 different universities around the world. Bytemaster participates as official sponsor of the team with an endowment of 30.000€ during the first year of competition. In addition, company professionals will support the student team. This assistance covers areas of strategy and business plan development, as well as more technical aspects such as telecommunications technology and software.

"We hope these boys and girls have fun and the experience of creating something new will make them better professionals. We ask them to iterate, to learn quickly from their mistakes and not lose sight of their goal."

General Manager at bytemaster


In software challenges, also Bytemaster

Bytemaster also actively participates in the academic development of Tecnocampus students. For example, different professionals of the organization actively participate in master classes of the degrees of Logistics and ADE of the university. It also collaborates as a sponsor in the organization of the SomHackaton competition, that this year was celebrating its third edition. This event, organized by TecnoCampus together with the City Council of Mataró and Som Mobilitat, presents computer challenges around the sustainable economy. The competition was attended by more than 50 young people of different ages and profiles: programmers, graphic designers and business profiles. The groups worked actively to solve the innovative and technological challenge posed by the organization.

bytemaster - Bytemaster, mentors at the TecnoCampus Hackathon

Valentina Salinas, Marketing Director inbytemaster, with the mayor of Mataró and the winners in first position.

Xavier Camps, general manager of bytemaster We have pioneered many technologies (such as cloud services and unified communications). And that was only possible because of the great talent we have at home. That's why it only seems logical to reinvest from bytemaster in the technological and entrepreneurial talent of the future."

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