ERP Logistics: What is it and what is it for?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning Software.

We are in a time of change and great challenges that open the door to opportunities. And only the most technologically and digitally prepared will lead the change to the new industry 4.0.

It is no longer possible to conceive of a logistics operator without an agile and efficient information management system. These systems are known as ERP for logistic operators. Computer systems for document management whose characteristics integrate, control and automate most of the processes related to the production and distribution of products or services.

A logistics ERP is a software for forwarders designed specifically for the transit, customs management and logistics sectors. Its mission is to improve the efficiency of all operations by automating repetitive tasks. It also makes the daily management of importing and exporting company products, groupage and transit tasks much easier, and organizes the documentation of invoices and purchases in international shipments.

What functions should a Logistics ERP Software for Forwarders cover?

The functions that a good software should provide for forwarders and logistics operators are

Versatility and flexibility

These two functions are fundamental to competitiveness and success in logistics. Because of the flexibility provided by management solutions, our business will adapt more easily and quickly to market changes.


The system of WMS warehouse managementThe new system, transport and distribution, offers the modules and sections that the organization needs at all times. And it should be possible to increase or decrease its complexity according to your needs. In addition, the applications work at different levels in their functionality, adapting to the conditions of the administration.

Multi-function capabilities

Extensive functionality is an advantage for any application software. However, in logistics this allows constant access to contextualised information with a very useful historical profile. Hence, any type of logistics company can sustain the working levels regardless of the fiscal closing cycles. That is why it is important that the WMS and TMS management software of the logistics ERP work optimally and efficiently.

Integration Capability

One of the most valued functions is that of offering standardized communication and data exchange supports. It is essential to provide integration with common e-commerce systems, the most widely used Internet tools, electronic data interchange (EDI) software and other Business Intelligence for the logistics sector. All this, without the need to differentiate the use of one application or another to access the information.

Ease of processes

Easy access to information, quick implementation and user-friendliness is another main feature of a good logistics ERP.

Knowing the details of what an ERP for logistics operators is, it is much easier to understand its importance in providing competitiveness and high quality in the relationship with our suppliers and customers. Don't you think?

_b firstThe ERP Logistics of large companies

Bytemaster, as a technological partner, offers a comprehensive solution for the logistic management of air, sea, land, warehouse and customs transport in SaaS format. ERP _b firstis the software for freight forwarders and logistics operators that covers the widest range of operations in the industry.

Increase the productivity of your company's logistics operations. The software for freight forwarders and logistics operators, better known as logistics ERP _b firstThe company currently operates with the most important references at the freight forwarding level in Spain. For this reason, all its modules respond in a flexible and specific way to all the business cases that can be found in the daily operations of the sector.

The most complete tariff manager on the market is integrated with _b firstand provides the power and flexibility necessary to allow you to draw up any type of tariff, however complex it may seem. You can draw up rates based on the specific conditions of your organisation and according to port and country of destination, dates, type of transport, entity or type of client. Services and freight are also calculated automatically, so the b first logistics ERP software's tariff tool is the best way to ensure that no concept of an operation goes uninvoiced.

Invoice management brought to excellence by _b first, which has the most efficient OCR solution for invoice management. Any document that enters the platform is quickly processed by the tool, which automatically detects all the fields in the document, regardless of its layout.


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