Bytemaster is actively involved in the relationship with associations representing the logistics sector. This month, it has collaborated with Barcelona Centre Logístic (BCL) and the logistics employers' association UNO in Madrid, to hold two conferences on issues related to the digital transformation. Last Tuesday, March 3rd, he bytemasterled a workshop on Business Intelligence in logistics with BCL. A week later, our KAM Javier Álvarez, participated in the debate on Cybersecurity in Logistics organized by UNO. Both initiatives were well attended. They also generated interesting debate on two topics of great interest to the logistics sector.

Business Intelligence in logistics and the importance of structured information

Last Tuesday, March 3rd, the workshop on Business Intelligence for Logistic Operatorsorganized by Bytemaster and BCL. The digitalization of operations is a consolidated reality in the sector. In this way, the data generated is a great opportunity for the generation of valuable information for decision making. The existing tools in the market for what is called Business Intelligence are many and increasingly powerful. However, it is important to understand how to structure the information and correctly define the indicators of the organization to allow this reading of the business.

The workshop is part of the BCL Logistics Workshop initiative. The objective was to present the strategic and technical bases of a BI for the logistics sector. The workshop was given by José Cervantes, an expert in the implementation of BI solutions within the ERP for logistics _b firstoperators.

Business Intelligence and Cybersecurity: how they affect logistics Jose Cervantes

Main points of the workshop

  • The importance of having structured and relevant information for decision making
  • Understand what the different tools that exist in the current market for BI solutions provide.
  • How to define KPI's in an organization
  • Know the stages of implementation of a BI system and its risks.

The attendees were able to discuss their problems and concerns in a small format workshop. It also allowed an interesting exchange of opinions, good practices and networking.

Business Continuity in Logistics

A week later, the "Cybersecurity in Transport and Logistics" conference was held at the facilities of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The event was organized by UNO and featured a presentation by Javier Alvarez, Key Account Manager of _b firsten bytemaster. Javier contributed the vision of a technological partner in the sector in relation to the importance of having a business continuity plan in relation to information. In his speech, he commented on the experience of bytemaster in the face of a computer attack last October. Javier comments that the most important learning from this event was to reinforce the key role played by a technology company such as bytemaster in our clients' business continuity. Likewise, the importance of actively collaborating in the development of these plans to minimize the risks of cybercrime as much as possible.

Business Intelligence and Cybersecurity: How they affect logistics Javier Alvarez

Sharing the views of other speakers at the conference, including the Guardia Urbana, INCEBE, technology provider SonicWALL, and Leet Security, Javier highlighted the need to establish a culture of safety in organizations. "IT security is strategic and has to be seen as an investment, not a cost" said Javier.

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