There is no doubt that technological changes allow companies to become more competitive. But also, the people management is key to the success of a digital transformation change. For bytemaster, technological partner of the logistics sector, the success of the implementation of _b first is closely related to leaders' success in conveying the goal of change throughout the organization. In order to collaborate in the digital transformation of companies, bytemaster has a team of consultants focused on the change management and actively collaborate in the design of the best way to implement a solution such as _b first. In these lines, bytemaster has reinforced the team of consultants with a new member: José Cervantes. With a professional career linked to logistics, his main function is to manage the implementation of new clients of _b first and ensure that the change process is successful in organisations. José has obtained his PMP certification from the Project Management Institute and his Master in Project Management from the EAE in Barcelona. From bytemaster, we celebrate your professional milestone as it allows us to incorporate improvements and new good practices in our way of managing projects. In this occasion, of certification, we wanted to do a short interview and know your impressions on the management of change in organizations in the digital transformation.

What do you like about working at bytemaster?

"My entire professional career has been linked to technology and the logistics sector. My areas have been in particular, the logistics of the automobile and the control of port terminals. I was in a very interesting project to implement a Business Intelligence solution for Transmediterránea. In this project, I realized the value this kind of solutions can have for an organization. Bytemaster was a logical step forward in my career. A company dedicated to the digital transformation of the logistics sector seemed to me a good place to take my knowledge of the sector to the implementation of new projects in logistics operators. In addition, the human group of bytemaster was a deciding element. The team of consultants of bytemaster are great professionals from whom I have much to learn. Both project management and digital solutions for the logistics sector."

What is your new certification and how does it impact our customers?

"The PMP certification assures our clients that I know and handle a series of techniques and good practices to run a project as efficiently as possible. The application of these good practices can allow us to be more productive. It also allows to avoid incidents and minimize problems caused, for example, by lack of planning. They are, in short, tools that allow us to have a global vision of the project and look at its long-term impact."

How do these tools enable companies to manage the digital transformation in people?

"In many cases, stakeholder management and communications are a minimized aspect of projects. It is often the case that from a management perspective, change is imminent and mandatory. While it is, Project Management recognizes the importance of formally managing communication with stakeholders in a way that ensures proper project implementation. In other words, communication must be planned and controlled as one more aspect of the project. In the particular case of _b first, it is a project that affects an entire organization. For this reason, all stakeholders must see the objective of the project. We bytemastermust help the whole organization to row in the same direction and collaborate so that communication is efficient. It is true that the leaders of the organization are ultimately responsible. We are here to help and collaborate to make the project a success.


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